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Admission requests are currently SUSPENDED!

Please, do not apply for admission (or ask if you are

eligible to apply for admission) after February 2020.


Supervised tests only

Cattell Culture Fair Test (CFT I, CFT I+II, CFT II A+B, CTF III A+B, CTF 20) (R. B. Cattell)

WAIS - R or III or IV (D. Wechsler)

AMT (Etienne Forsstrom)

Bonnardel (BLS4-2T, B20, B53, BA15, BV9, BV12) (R. Bonnardel)

Bonnardel Test de célérité perceptive et mentale (CPM 1-6) (R. Bonnardel)

GRE (V+Q+A) or (Q+A) (ETS)

SAT (Old) or SAT I (New) (College Board)

MAT (Harcourt Assesment)

Stanford-Binet - III or IV or V (Alfred Binet)

CMT - A or B (Lewis M. Terman)

Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) (Pearson Education Inc.)

American College Testing - ACT (ACT International)

Other supervised tests may be considered.